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December 2017

Kingmaker, December 20, 2017


Crossing the River

Seeking a ford across the river to consult the dryad, Stormbolt flew and followed it north until he discovered a stretch where it could be crossed to and island, and then crossed again on the other side. However, there was a tatztlwyrm sunning itself on the island and another hiding at the opposite end of the island. He informed the others, who prepared to attack the sleeping one while he attacked the other. Continue reading “Kingmaker, December 20, 2017”


LotFP: BTAM December 19, 2017

Something’s Fishy

Having fled the attack of the giant ants, the party continued down a long, natural passage, ultimately arrving in a cavern where the air was very still. There were two exitss, but an oily stink rose from the one passageway. The wand indicated the other exit was the desired path. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM December 19, 2017”

Murphy’s Law December 17, 2017


A signal was received from the relay used by the insurgents’ controllers asking for an update. Bletherin responded that the attack had failed and that some of the operatives were captured. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law December 17, 2017”

Kingmaker December 13, 2017


Interview with a Dragon

Stormbolt carried the rabble-rouser to the top of the tower in the ruined Staglord’s keep. There is entertained the fellow’s concerns, which stemmed around Stormbolt’s absence and the arrival of the werewolf. Continue reading “Kingmaker December 13, 2017”

Herald December 12, 2017

November 28, 1924

The Job

Pancho Barnes received a telegram from Mr. Brian Courtemanche, Esq. of Courtemanche, Ashman, & Partners in the city of Arkham and were assigned to find what happened to artist Victoria Foster. The Resistance believed that Foster had some kind of unknown sensitivity toward the world around her that was reflected in her paintings. Continue reading “Herald December 12, 2017”

Kingmaker December 6, 2017



After spending the light with the crazy hermit, the party proceeded east to explore more of the plains. As the previous night was the 28th day after Oostend was bitten by the werewolf in Stormhaven, and a full moon, he was probably not infected with lycanthropy.  Continue reading “Kingmaker December 6, 2017”

LoTFP: BTAM December 5, 2017

Finlay saw humanoid beings partially eaten but still alive. They were being attended by some workers, and there some warriors in the cavern as well. Continue reading “LoTFP: BTAM December 5, 2017”

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