Finlay saw humanoid beings partially eaten but still alive. They were being attended by some workers, and there some warriors in the cavern as well.Chesley entered and warriors were agitated. Lylou entered and the ants attacked. Lylou was stung and paralyzed. Magda stabbed the ant on Lylou. Gideon missed. Finlay dragged Lylou out.

Gideon missed. Chesley cast Sanctuary on himself. Finlay and Magda missed. The ant bit Magda.

Chesley healed Lylou. Magda missed. An ant missed Finlay and the other bid Magda. Finlay missed. Gideon missed.

Another warrior entered. Finlay was stung. Magda was missed. Gideon was bit. Magda hit. Gideon hit. Wesley tried to pull Finlay away, but couldn’t so he healed him.

Chesley pulled Finlay out. Gideon hit. Magda hit. Lylou cast Magic Missile and hit all three. Gideon missed.

Lylou cast Magic Missile, hit all three, and killed two. Chesley blessed Gideon. Magda killed the last one.

Lylou found a 400 gp gem. Chesley and Lylou each tried to extract the poison gland from an ant, but failed, but Magda was successful.

They doubled back seeking another way as they saw several warriors in the next cavern. They were avoided workers until one was annoyed and attacked Chesley. Lylou put it asleep.

Finlay ran ahead and found a potion, but a worker attacked him. Chesley ran after him and cast Bless on him. Lylou moved up and put it to sleep.

Magda and Finlay ran ahead and found three more workers and Lylou put two asleep. The other ran off. They searched the cavern and found some coins.

Suddenly there was an ultrasonic blast. Lylou and Chesley were paralyzed. Five warriors charged in and attacked. Finlay missed. Magda hit.

Gideon missed. Magda hit. Finlay reloaded. Gideon was bit and paralyzed. The other ants missed.

Magda killed one. Chesley advanced into combat and healed Gideon. Finlay shot and hit. Lylou cast Magic Missile, hit one and killed another. The warriors attacked and Magda was paralyzed.

Chesley ran for the exit and blessed Finlay, who hit. Lylou was paralyzed. Finlay was bit.

Gideon missed. Finlay dragged Lylou out of combat. Gideon was hit. Chesley stabbed with his spear but missed.

Magda missed. The ants missed. Chesley missed. Finlay reloaded. Gideon hit.

Gideon hit. The ants missed. Finlay shot and hit. Chesley blessed himself.

Gideon was stung and paralyzed. Chesley was bit. Magda missed. Chesley hit. Finlay missed. Lylou cast Magic Missile and killed one.

Lylou cast Magic Missile and killed the last one. They searched the last room and found a silver coin. Lylou identified Finlay’s potion as Spider Climb.