After spending the light with the crazy hermit, the party proceeded east to explore more of the plains. As the previous night was the 28th day after Oostend was bitten by the werewolf in Stormhaven, and a full moon, he was probably not infected with lycanthropy. 

They traveled for the day and reached the end of the unexplored territory at nightfall. They camped for the night and were not disturbed. Again Oostend did not change, but Lucee believed that Aeldred would be affected and not his eidolon.

They explored the immediate vicinity, but it was unimpressive open plains. When they made camp, the party bound Aeldred and watched him as the moon rose to detect any change. After the third night of the full moon, the party was confident that Aeldred would not change. The night passed uneventfully.

Cashing Out

The next day they returned to Oleg’s Trading Post after nightfall. Oleg had sold half of the goods the party had left on consignment, and paid them 3000 gp. In addition K’rek’s armor and shield were finished, but they had been made for a halfling, so there was no tail hole. After altering the armor accordingly, they paid the 2300 gp price.

The party collected the remainder of their consignment, some potions, and horses to carry it on.  However, they needed to go to Restov to dispose of some of the higher value items, but they decided to return the trade goods to Stormhaven first. Along the way, they would explore the forest on the eastern side of the Skunk River.

Over Hill and Dale

They traveled across the plains for a day and made camp.  On the first watch, K’rek was surprised by a shambling mound that mauled and grappled him.

Lucee heard K’rek’s cries and ordered her kobold follower to awaken the party and shot an arrow toward the monster. Stormbolt and Aeldred were awakened. K’rek was unable to break free. B’kun attacked and gored the mound severely, but it still constricted K’rek. It also grappled B’kun. Aeldred summoned two giant spiders and one webbed the thing.

Lucee ran to K’rek’s aid. Stormbolt shot the monster with his lightning breath, but K’rek and B’kun were also electrocuted. Froing channelled positive energy to heal the grapple victims. Lucee’s follower shot a sling at it, but missed. The groom calmed the horses. K’rek and B’kun still could not break free. K’rek was squeezed into unconsciousness. The spiders failed to wound the mound. Aeldred shot at it, but missed as well.

Lucee executed her Knight’s Calling and compelled the mound to attack her. Stormbolt rose and prepared to receive the mound. Froing channeled again to heal the kobold and his mount and moved up. The retainers were ineffective. K’rek escaped the mound’s grip. The mound ripped free of the webs and moved to attack Lucee. Froing attempted to light it on fire with a tindertwig, but failed.

Lucee struck it with her divine weapon. The spiders moved up and webbed it again. Stormbolt bit and clawed it. Froing ordered his retainer to get a brand from the campfire. Froing cured the wounded again. K’rek mounted B’kun. The mound attacked Lucee. but missed. Aeldred remembered that shambling mounds were not especially vulnerable to fire or anything else. He cast Acid Splash and killed the mound. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

Into the Woods

The next day they traveled to Stormbolt’s mine residence and camped there for the night under the protection of the kobold guards. They continued for another day and camped at the former Bandit camp, and then entered the forest. They explored the area without incident and then made their way back to Stormhaven.

Rabble Rouser

When they arrived in Stormhaven, a dwarf was orating to a medium sized crowd about the lack of leadership. Stormbolt flew in, grabbed the insurrectionist, and flew off with him to the top of the Staglord’s tower to parlay. At the same time, Aeldred calmed the crowd…