A signal was received from the relay used by the insurgents’ controllers asking for an update. Bletherin responded that the attack had failed and that some of the operatives were captured.

Grendel collected Old Lutrean pulp mysteries to enhance the crew’s intimidation ability with the locals. He also pursued local science fiction for resell. He also sought out locals to improve their knowledge of the vernacular.

In the mean time, Grrr went to dive bars to observe the behavior of the locals, but noticed that he was being watched by a couple of locals who were pretending to get drunk. He walked up to the two, who reluctantly let him to join their table.

Kovacs coallated the data regarding the hyperspace entity she had collected from other pilots. Most of the sightings were quite a distance away from New Lutrea.

Grrr had learned quite a bit about local customs and mannerisms by the time his drinking companions had passed. Then he joined Grendel and they returned to the Alex Murphy.

Bletherin took his old friend from school the ship captain out to dinner and traded war stories.