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January 2018

Kingmaker, January 31, 2018


Dead Unicorn

The party explored the forest to the south for a few days. On the fourth day, the terrain turned swampy and they came upon a pond. On the opposite shore was what looked like a dead horse. Continue reading “Kingmaker, January 31, 2018”


LotFP: BTAM, January 30, 2018

Chesley abandoned his boots, which were stuck to floor by the fungal spores. The party continued toward the chamber by the zombies. Inside, they were surprised by a giant, conical creature with tentacles and leathery wings. It spoke to Finlay and Magda telepathically, but it’s responses to their questions were both annoyingly vague and cryptic. Eventually, they gave up on trying to get information from the thing and went in the direction that the wand indicated. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM, January 30, 2018”

Murphy’s Law, January 28, 2018


Inside The Crashed Ship

Alex’s probe entered the crashed craft and followed the standard layout for a survey ship. He noted a thin, black slime coating the surfaces. The probe levitated past the material and located the black box recorders in the expected location. It was also covered with slime, and he used indirect methods to clean off the devices, and the uploaded the black box data from the probe to his core. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law, January 28, 2018”

Kingmaker, January 24, 2018


Warg Attack

A dozen wargs attacked the party unawares. One closed on Lucee but missed. Two attacked K’rek and one bit him. Oostend was also attacked by a pair of wargs and bit by one. Lucee’s kobold follower was attacked by missed. Four of the wargs attacked Stormbolt with no effect. Continue reading “Kingmaker, January 24, 2018”

Kingmaker January 17, 2018

folding boat

Back to Stormhaven

Stormbolt awoke refreshed in his gold mine home. The party had returned from their shopping trip to the city, passed through Oleg’s, and stopped for the night at the gold mine. They continued on the journey and returned to Stormhaven. Continue reading “Kingmaker January 17, 2018”

LotFP: BTAM January 16, 2018


The pool was fed by an underground river with a swift current. Eventually it deposited the party in a different set of caves. This area was warm and humid. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM January 16, 2018”

Murphy’s Law January 14, 2018


The Moonbase of Rabrosia

Bletherin, Grrr, and an Alex drone were in plain clothes on the moonbase of Rabrosia, which was very nice as the planet was developing interstellar tourism. The station was primarily humans and carrions, who were the inhabitants of another planet in the system. The carrions did not like water, and had developed a relationship with humans to develop the water world of Rabrosia. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law January 14, 2018”

Kingmaker January 3, 2018


Nixie Gratitude

Having defeated the scythe tree and returning to the dryad for their reward, the party made their way back to the nixie to restore her grove. They traveled for two days without incident before they reached the ford. They continued on and were attacked by a will-o-the-wisp, which Stormbolt defeated easily. The next day they gave the dryad’s feathers to the nixie, who promptly planted them. In gratitude, the nixie offered her assistance when needed. Then they returned to Stormhome. Continue reading “Kingmaker January 3, 2018”

LotFP: BTAM January 2, 2018

Shoggoth 2

The wand pointed out a side exit. The path led to a fork. Lylou went in the indicated direction. Chesley followed her and discovered a slimy amorphous blob laced with pseudopods, eyes and several mouths. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM January 2, 2018”

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