Inside The Crashed Ship

Alex’s probe entered the crashed craft and followed the standard layout for a survey ship. He noted a thin, black slime coating the surfaces. The probe levitated past the material and located the black box recorders in the expected location. It was also covered with slime, and he used indirect methods to clean off the devices, and the uploaded the black box data from the probe to his core.The probe had difficulty activating the power on the crashed vessel, so Bletherin authorized Grrr, Grendel, and Kovak to assist while he monitored them from the shuttle. The ooze was mostly inert, and did not seem to have any adverse effects.

Unexpected Guests

While the away team was on planet working on the derelict, another ship appeared in orbit. It was a system defense type vessel. Bletherin confronted the newcomer, who tried to run, but Alex placed the Alex Murphy in its path until the away team reboarded. With some coercion, the ship surrendered. They initially claimed to be reclaiming stolen property, but the investigation proved this to be false.

The subsequent interrogation revealed that the ship was hired by a company whose goal was to delay the evacuation for Lutrea. The captain claimed to be between jobs, so Bletherin trapped her into carrying refugees. He then contacted the prince and advised him to evacuate his anti-terrorist special forces on the vessel.

On Lutrea, the prince was amused by Bletherin’s plan and rewarded him with a bottle of fine wine, as well as some seeds that, if they cannot be growth on New Lutrea, he empowered Bletherin to find a place where they would grow and see to ensuring the prince’s interests.