Dead Unicorn

The party explored the forest to the south for a few days. On the fourth day, the terrain turned swampy and they came upon a pond. On the opposite shore was what looked like a dead horse.

Stormbolt flew over the pond and discovered that the fallen beast was a unicorn whose horn had been broken off at the base. He noted that the body was not decomposing, and the swarm of flies that accosted him was not swarming around the dead unicorn.

When Oostend got within range, his Detect Magic identified faint necromancy, but he could not identify the spell. Froing examined the unicorn and noticed that the horn was removed after its death. There were no obvious external wounds. He hypothesized that it was killed by a spell. Also of note was the fact that there was no evidence of any scavenger or insect activity on the corpse.

Lucee channeled positive energy to attempt to revive the creature, but it had no effect. Oostend rationalized that the magic he detected was the echo of a spell rather than the presence of something magical. Stormbolt shifted the body over, but the underside was equally unnoteworthy.

Froing and Lucee examined the area and noted that there was no animal activity on that side of the pond, though there was on the far side, and K’rek caught some fish.

Stormbolt flew off to collect the Priest of Erastil, while Froing went with his servant to warn the dryad, in case whatever attacked the unicorn came after her.

Stormbolt returned in the middle of the night, and the priest examined the corpse, but he found nothing that had already been discovered.

Froing reached the dryad’s grove and she was distressed by the news.

The following morning he preformed a proper Erastilian funeral and then cremated the unicorn. Then Stormbolt few him back to the temple while the others joined Froing at the dryad’s grove.

The dryad hypothesized that certain, very-powerful fey creatures from the Fairy Plain sometimes left their prey marked such that repels natural life. The party remained at the dryad’s grove for the night.

Trolls in the Woods

They continued exploring the forest to the west until nightfall. On the first watch, the camp was attacked by a band of trolls. K’rek, Froing, and Stormbolt were hit. Stormbolt cast his Chain-Lightning breath and hit all of them to varying degrees. Lucee challenged one of Froing’s attackers and closed to engage. Harli, Lucee’s kobold follower, awakened Aeldred, who then transformed into Oostend.

Stormbolt was swarmed by four trolls and savaged. Lucee was mauled by two. Froing was clawed. Oostend clawed as well. Stormbolt focused his attack on his first attacker. Lucee struck Froing’s attacker twice. Harli hit it with a sling stone as well. Oostend retaliated on his foe. K’rek lanced a troll on his way by. Froing’s servant grabbed a brand from the fire to brandish at Stormbolt’s opponents…