The Final Fey

Having slain the Baobhan Sith, the party moved on to assault fey in the final tower. Using the plan that was so successful before, Cerulean took flight while the ranger and the kobold went to open the door.  Hemlock and the fairy dragon kept back as a reserve. The door was unlocked. Inside was a small fey who rose to attack.

Cerulean set fire to the thatched roof of the tower. The ranger charged in slashed the fey. The feykin charged in and flew past his target ineffectually. The fey attacked the ranger and then leapt up toward the ceiling. Hemlock advanced to the door. K’rek and B’kun also entered the burning tower.

Cerulean collapsed the roof on the opponent and they party members inside the tower. He descended and found himself eye to eye with the opponent. The ranger spotted the fey and shot it with an arrow. Her dog leapt up and hit the fey, but did not impair it. The feykin, who had absorbed damage of the others, healed himself. The fey leapt onto the dragon and stabbed at him to no effect. And then leapt into the cloud of smoke above. Hemlock went outside and looked around, but did not see anything. K’rek spotted a flicker of movement up above, and then left the tower.

Cerulean spotted the fey nearby and bit at him, but the target evaded. The ranger exited the tower. The fairy dragon flew up to spot the opponent, but did not see him. The fey landed on Cerulean’s back and stabbed again successfully and started bleeding. Hemlock prepared to cast Magic Missile when it appeared. K’rek scanned the sky for a target.

Cerulean looked around for the target, but could not see it.  He flew out of the cloud. The feykin prepared to attack when the opponent appeared. Hemlock cast a fireball up from in the bottom of the tower. K’rek circled the tower but did not spot the foe.

Cerulean scanned the outside of the tower but did not spot the fey. The ranger also failed to find it. The fey dropped onto K’rek, stabbed at him, and then fled into the forest. The feykin pursued but lost it. Hemlock assessed the situation. K’rek pursued the path the fey took through the trees.

Cerulean could not see the opponent, so he flew after the mounted kobold. The ranger and the dog exit the compound. The dog caught up to the kobold, but failed to track the fey creature. Hemlock examined the remains of the tower furnishing and detected no magic.

The party searched the remainder of the compound. The central tower contained a skylight and windows on the inside with views to First World of the Fey. The ranger searched the ruined tower, but found nothing. The feykin cast Create Water to extinguish the flames and found a clay urn containing coins and gemstones. Cerulean torched the tower infested by plague rats.

More Exploration

The party travelled south for a few days to unexplored territory. The unexplored area was not noteworthy. They spent several days charting the forest and the hills to the east.