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LOTFP: BTAM October 10 2017


Lylou put the ruby any sculpture pieces into a Magic Chest spell. At the same time, Finlay returned to the room with the columns to find that the wasps were agitated. He went down the side passage and was immediately pursued by giant ants. Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM October 10 2017”


Kingmaker October 4, 2017

dragon flag

The Ruins by the River

The party traveled to the area to the north of kobold settlement to explore and document that area. The journey was uneventful and they made camp for the night, which was also quiet. Continue reading “Kingmaker October 4, 2017”

Kingmaker September 27, 2017


Looking for Loot

Having defeated the fungus monster, the party collected the 14 surviving Black Rattlecap mushrooms to return with to the Old Beldame.  Oostend cast Detect Magic, but he did not uncover anything that the party had not brought with them. Continue reading “Kingmaker September 27, 2017”

LotFP: BTAM September 26, 2017

Having slain the monstrous humanoid fly, Finlay and Lylou went up some side stairs to the room behind the altar. There were a number of insectoid statues there. Lylou cast Detect Magic, and none was detected. Finlay saw no riches to be acquired. They elected to bypass that room. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM September 26, 2017”

Murphy’s Law September 24, 2017


Urgent Departure

Alex advised that the Latray system was inhabited by a mammalian species of forest dwellers with interplanetary technology, but not interstellar capability. There had been a Collective science station observing the Latrayans.  Continue reading “Murphy’s Law September 24, 2017”

Kingmaker September 20, 2017


Mapping the Forest

The day passed uneventfully. On returning to near where the gnomes were fixing their wagon, the party made camp. The gnomes were civil toward the party, though K’rek and his minions were shunned. Continue reading “Kingmaker September 20, 2017”

At Your Door September 14, 2017

Interviewing The Brother

Having found little of value at Peter Tait’s apartment, Connor, Eric and Simon went to interview his brother, Eric. They found him, and his roommate, William, living in a luxurious and tastefully decorated townhouse. Tait was a successful corporate lawyer; his luxurious townhouse was easily worth more than a million dollars. Continue reading “At Your Door September 14, 2017”

LotFP: BTAM September 12, 2017

Big Bugs!

Having spied the giant wasp nest on the ceiling of the huge, 60’ high chamber with the fourteen, gem-inlaid columns supporting the roof. Finlay proceeded to remove gems from the column he had climbed. But they were merely pieces of blue quartz worth maybe 10sp each. He spied larger moonstones on the next deeper column. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM September 12, 2017”

Murphy’s Law September 10, 2017


Onto The Coratia

Having found the derelict survey ship Coratia, the crew of the Alex Murphy took a shuttle to investigate. On approach, Kovak noted that the derelict ship was not going to be moving on its own power any time soon. Grrr recognized that the “chewed” part was actually claw marks, as if made by an enormous dog. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law September 10, 2017”

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