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Kingmaker July 12, 2017



They searched for the Barghest’s lair, but lost the trail in the rocks. The night passed uneventfully.

In the morning, they moved further from the river to explore the hills to the west. The day was wet and gloomy,  but otherwise uneventful. Stormbolt found an unoccupied cave to camp in for the night. Continue reading “Kingmaker July 12, 2017”

Gatekeepers RPG


This is a great game from some great people we met at TotalCon. Now available for purchase, and the more who buy it, the less it will cost.

Kingmaker June 28, 2017


Stormbolt, Aeldred, Lucee, Smith, Froing determined that they would establish a city at the site of the Stag Lord’s camp. To that end, the party set out to explore the territory between that site and Oleg’s, as well as the area around it. Continue reading “Kingmaker June 28, 2017”

API June 27, 2017

The Team

Klyde Burns, Lee “Shy” Michaels, Rochelle “Rocky” Kinsky, Dr. Kerry Nezzinger, and Alhague Farborgn five new agents of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., captured an unregistered spellcaster named Kelsey Mack, but in the course of interrogating her, some attorneys appeared and demanded her release.
Continue reading “API June 27, 2017”

Murphy’s Law June 25, 2017


A New Mission

The Alex Murphy was in dry dock at Reciba. The crew was granted extended shore leave. Grendel went to a ski resort to cool off. Grrr accompanied Bletherin on a hunting expedition. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law June 25, 2017”

Kingmaker June 21, 2017


Returning to Oleg’s

Having defeated the Staglord, the party spent two days healing, inventorying the loot, destroying the zombies, and cleaning up after the battle. Continue reading “Kingmaker June 21, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM June 20, 2017

October 10, 1631

Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Father Wyn Modeste, Adamina Lylou the Mage, and Finlay Lorin, Adventurer, and the woman Magda they had come upon on the road accepted the writ of the Prince-Bishop to kill the Seven witches ruling Karlstadt in hopes of easing the wrath of the coming Swedish invasion.
Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM June 20, 2017”

At Your Door June 19, 2017

The Specimen

Private Investigator Connor Myarc and archaeologist Eric Slater shared an office in the clinic of veterinarian Simon Wainwright. The three had had similar experiences with “unexplainable phenomena,” and found that their common interest, bordering on obsession in these matters, became more of a vocation as word of their investigations into the occult and similar fringe cases garnered them a reputation. Continue reading “At Your Door June 19, 2017”

API June 13, 2017

The Team

Klyde Burns, Lee “Shy” Michaels, Rochelle “Rocky” Kinsky, Dr. Kerry Nezzinger, and Alhague Farborgn five new agents of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., witnessed a female spellcaster sending electricity through the plumbing of a posh swim club. Continue reading “API June 13, 2017”

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