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At Your Door

At Your Door, February 8, 2018


The investigators traveled to Delilah first thing in the morning. The town was small and ugly, in a plain and boring way. There was an open convenience store and service station, so they stopped there to get their bearings. Simon checked the Farmer’s Almanac and found weather was unseasonably warm. Continue reading “At Your Door, February 8, 2018”


At Your Door September 14, 2017

Interviewing The Brother

Having found little of value at Peter Tait’s apartment, Connor, Eric and Simon went to interview his brother, Eric. They found him, and his roommate, William, living in a luxurious and tastefully decorated townhouse. Tait was a successful corporate lawyer; his luxurious townhouse was easily worth more than a million dollars. Continue reading “At Your Door September 14, 2017”

At Your Door July 24, 2017

bob at desk in the closet

Private Investigator Connor Myarc, archaeologist Eric Slater and veterinarian Simon Wainwright delivered the specimen that Dr. Peter Tait had delivered to Robert Jatik, the famous environmental advocate and founder of Full Wilderness, to Zymvotek, a laboratory where the nature of the creature could be studied. After a prolonged gun battle en route. Continue reading “At Your Door July 24, 2017”

At Your Door July 17, 2017

Motorcycle Attack

Private Investigator Connor Myarc, archaeologist Eric Slater and veterinarian Simon Wainwright have taken a job for Robert Jatik, the famous environmental advocate and founder of Full Wilderness. Jatik offered the investigators $100,000 plus $1000 per day to find out what happened to Dr. Peter Tait, uncover what research was being conducted by the Dawn Biozyme (DBZ) corporation, and to stop the experiments that produced the strange specimen that Tait had provided, whether legal or not. Continue reading “At Your Door July 17, 2017”

At Your Door June 19, 2017

The Specimen

Private Investigator Connor Myarc and archaeologist Eric Slater shared an office in the clinic of veterinarian Simon Wainwright. The three had had similar experiences with “unexplainable phenomena,” and found that their common interest, bordering on obsession in these matters, became more of a vocation as word of their investigations into the occult and similar fringe cases garnered them a reputation. Continue reading “At Your Door June 19, 2017”

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