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Better Than Any Man

LoTFP: BTAM December 5, 2017

Finlay saw humanoid beings partially eaten but still alive. They were being attended by some workers, and there some warriors in the cavern as well. Continue reading “LoTFP: BTAM December 5, 2017”


LOTFP: BTAM November 7, 2017


Just as the party was recovering from the battler, another hoard of halflings and a trio of giant ants emerged. Bolstered by their rapid success, the heroes were more daring, employing more magic in the fight. Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM November 7, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM October 10 2017


Lylou put the ruby any sculpture pieces into a Magic Chest spell. At the same time, Finlay returned to the room with the columns to find that the wasps were agitated. He went down the side passage and was immediately pursued by giant ants. Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM October 10 2017”

LotFP: BTAM September 26, 2017

Having slain the monstrous humanoid fly, Finlay and Lylou went up some side stairs to the room behind the altar. There were a number of insectoid statues there. Lylou cast Detect Magic, and none was detected. Finlay saw no riches to be acquired. They elected to bypass that room. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM September 26, 2017”

LotFP: BTAM September 12, 2017

Big Bugs!

Having spied the giant wasp nest on the ceiling of the huge, 60’ high chamber with the fourteen, gem-inlaid columns supporting the roof. Finlay proceeded to remove gems from the column he had climbed. But they were merely pieces of blue quartz worth maybe 10sp each. He spied larger moonstones on the next deeper column. Continue reading “LotFP: BTAM September 12, 2017”

LoTFP: BTAM August 29, 2017

Into the Past

When they were ready, the wizard cast the spell, and the heroes found themselves in a square room with doors on all four sides. The doors were all made of foot-thick solid rock with four insect heads that formed a square pattern at human head-and-chest level while there was another at floor level. While Magda figured out how to unlock a door, the party rested and healed their wounds.

Continue reading “LoTFP: BTAM August 29, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM August 2, 2017

October 10, 1631


Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Adamina Lylou the Mage, Finlay Lorin, the Adventurer, and the woman Magda defeated the halfling skeletons that animated after Finlay removed the gem from one of their skulls. The party then used their available resources to heal their wounds. Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM August 2, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM July 18, 2017

tomb_of_giants_by_neojonus-d4hwauhOctober 10, 1631

Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Adamina Lylou the Mage, Finlay Lorin, the Adventurer, and the woman Magda survived the fireball caused by their lantern in the oil pit at the bottom of the entry steps to the catacombs beneath the Mound. Father Wyn Modeste was not so lucky.

Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM July 18, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM May 9, 2017

October 7, 1631

Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Father Wyn Modeste, Adamina Lylou the Mage, and Finlay Lorin, Adventurer were heading for Würzburg when an angry woman appeared from over the next hill, strode up, and attacked Gideon. She decried the plight of women in a man’s world and sought to vent her fury on whatever men she came across. The clerics talked her down, and the woman, named Magda, agreed to lead them to Würzburg.
Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM May 9, 2017”

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