I came upon the Call of Catthulhu booth at AwesomeConDC last week and met Joel Sparks.  I had seen bits about the game on and off, and my friend Mike had been a Kickstarter pledge.  I mentioned Mike’s name to Joel, we had an animated conversation about the the game, and he gave me some dog minis to go along with the Book of Dogs appendix in Book II:  Unaussprechlichen Katzen.  I was intrigued and bought the boxed set there at the con.

Last week we were down two players for our weekly Pathfinder game, so we decided to give Call of Catthulhu a try with me as the Cat Herder.  The possibility of us not having the Pathfinder quorum was not unexpected, so I had read the rules and skimmed one of the sample adventures for just such a contingency.
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