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Titansgrave: November 3, 2015

In the Brewery

As they were clearing away the acid, a small boy emerged from behind the vats and told them that there was another one in Well 6 that was bigger than the Saurians.  Keg-E was alarmed because Well 6 was where the most recent ale was just decanted.  Keg-E offered to lead them to Well 6.
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Titansgrave September 22, 2015

At Brewcore

The next morning, the Beer Baron had laid a fine spread for breakfast.  Finn did not come down for breakfast.  The others enjoyed the proffered fare in preparation for their journey to Nestoria to consult Farkaya the sage.  While they were eating, the Beer Baron’s steward appeared assisting a middle aged dwarven woman, who was wounded and burned.  The woman said that the crew in the brewery was attacked by something small and fast, and that one of the boilers exploded.
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Titansgrave September 15, 2015

At the Pegusus Roadhouse

There was an epic party with lots of beer, food and wenching. The Beer Baron invited the team to breakfast the next day.
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Titansgrave August 25, 2015

Keg-E led them to the site of the caravan. The bandits were focused on laying waste to the caravan.  
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Titansgrave August 18, 2015

The team previously found a sphere with arcane etchings on it. They had sought out someone to identify what it was, but had not had much success. The sphere was in Se’Lak’s possession.
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