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Murphy’s Law, February 18, 2018


On to Rciba

Kovak plotted a course to Rciba by way of two dark points, Myaril and Verity. There was nothing at the first dark point. At the second dark point there was a small freighter carrying medical equipment. They exchange mail and news, but the freighter had little to report of relevance.  Continue reading “Murphy’s Law, February 18, 2018”


Murphy’s Law, January 28, 2018


Inside The Crashed Ship

Alex’s probe entered the crashed craft and followed the standard layout for a survey ship. He noted a thin, black slime coating the surfaces. The probe levitated past the material and located the black box recorders in the expected location. It was also covered with slime, and he used indirect methods to clean off the devices, and the uploaded the black box data from the probe to his core. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law, January 28, 2018”

Murphy’s Law January 14, 2018


The Moonbase of Rabrosia

Bletherin, Grrr, and an Alex drone were in plain clothes on the moonbase of Rabrosia, which was very nice as the planet was developing interstellar tourism. The station was primarily humans and carrions, who were the inhabitants of another planet in the system. The carrions did not like water, and had developed a relationship with humans to develop the water world of Rabrosia. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law January 14, 2018”

Murphy’s Law December 17, 2017


A signal was received from the relay used by the insurgents’ controllers asking for an update. Bletherin responded that the attack had failed and that some of the operatives were captured. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law December 17, 2017”

Murphy’s Law November 19, 2017


Relocating the Refugees

The Alex Murphy shuttled several loads of refugees to the G’frar ship. Having returned successfully, others lost their reluctance to shuttle to the reclusive alien vessel. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law November 19, 2017”

Murphy’s Law September 24, 2017


Urgent Departure

Alex advised that the Latray system was inhabited by a mammalian species of forest dwellers with interplanetary technology, but not interstellar capability. There had been a Collective science station observing the Latrayans.  Continue reading “Murphy’s Law September 24, 2017”

Murphy’s Law September 10, 2017


Onto The Coratia

Having found the derelict survey ship Coratia, the crew of the Alex Murphy took a shuttle to investigate. On approach, Kovak noted that the derelict ship was not going to be moving on its own power any time soon. Grrr recognized that the “chewed” part was actually claw marks, as if made by an enormous dog. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law September 10, 2017”

Murphy’s Law August 6, 2017


Exploring the Derelict

Grendel searched the ship for maintenance robots. He found none. It appeared that anything that could be removed had been taken. Bletherin suggested that anything useful was taken, and/or anything that could identify who took it was removed. He went to the medical section to see what he could learn about the crew. He uploaded the medical database for later analysis.  Continue reading “Murphy’s Law August 6, 2017”

Murphy’s Law July 16, 2017


Having detected a flash of light from the smaller moon of Alcron’s World with the ruins of an ancient colony. Alex scanned the surface and determined that it had been a laser flare, indicating a light transmission into space, which was used for secure communication between planets. The flare did not come from the archaeological expedition. It came from the ruins of a domed city. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law July 16, 2017”

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