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Kingmaker December 6, 2017



After spending the light with the crazy hermit, the party proceeded east to explore more of the plains. As the previous night was the 28th day after Oostend was bitten by the werewolf in Stormhaven, and a full moon, he was probably not infected with lycanthropy.  Continue reading “Kingmaker December 6, 2017”


Kingmaker November 22, 2017


K’rek’s Subterfuge

While Stormbolt and the others were administering the kingdom in Stormhaven, K’rek returned to the Sootscale village. There, he alterted the chief of Stormbolt’s treaty with the lizardfolk. This alarmed the chief, who immediately raised a force to attack the lizardfolk and address their god-king’s folly. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 22, 2017”

Kingmaker November 15, 2017


Murder in Stormhaven

Having defeated the insane, presumed-druid, the party returned to their boats at the lizardfolk lair. From there, they returned to Stormhaven, the Warden approached hurriedly and welcomed them. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 15, 2017”

Kingmaker November 8, 2017


Hopping Mad

They explored the area on the south side of the river near the lizardfolk’s island and made camp. On third watch, Oostend and Stormbolt noted some small humanoids creeping nearby. Oostend shouted “who goes there?!” and awakened the rest of the party. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 8, 2017”

Kingmaker, November 1, 2017


Travelled to the island. Stormbolt fought with two will-o-wisps in the air while the others watched. They party explored the ruined tower and found a Chaos Dagger Continue reading “Kingmaker, November 1, 2017”

Kingmaker October 4, 2017

dragon flag

The Ruins by the River

The party traveled to the area to the north of kobold settlement to explore and document that area. The journey was uneventful and they made camp for the night, which was also quiet. Continue reading “Kingmaker October 4, 2017”

Kingmaker September 27, 2017


Looking for Loot

Having defeated the fungus monster, the party collected the 14 surviving Black Rattlecap mushrooms to return with to the Old Beldame.  Oostend cast Detect Magic, but he did not uncover anything that the party had not brought with them. Continue reading “Kingmaker September 27, 2017”

Kingmaker September 20, 2017


Mapping the Forest

The day passed uneventfully. On returning to near where the gnomes were fixing their wagon, the party made camp. The gnomes were civil toward the party, though K’rek and his minions were shunned. Continue reading “Kingmaker September 20, 2017”

Kingmaker September 6, 2017


Expanding the Kingdom

Having delivered the workers to the site of the new city, the party continued exploring the perimeter of their new lands.  They traveled south around the shore of the Tuskwater Lake where it was fed by the Gudrun River.  Continue reading “Kingmaker September 6, 2017”

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