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Kingmaker August 9, 2017

Thylacine Encounter

During the day's exploration, five thylacines were spotted nearby.  Stormbolt prepared to charge when they got closer.  Oostund also prepared to charge.

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Kingmaker July 26, 2017


Worg Attack

K’rek the kobold kavalier joined the party with his war pig, B’kon. They departed for Oleg’s by way of the river ford to map out the area. K’rek and some of his band knew of a cave where they camped for the night. Continue reading “Kingmaker July 26, 2017”

Kingmaker July 12, 2017



They searched for the Barghest’s lair, but lost the trail in the rocks. The night passed uneventfully.

In the morning, they moved further from the river to explore the hills to the west. The day was wet and gloomy,  but otherwise uneventful. Stormbolt found an unoccupied cave to camp in for the night. Continue reading “Kingmaker July 12, 2017”

Kingmaker June 28, 2017


Stormbolt, Aeldred, Lucee, Smith, Froing determined that they would establish a city at the site of the Stag Lord’s camp. To that end, the party set out to explore the territory between that site and Oleg’s, as well as the area around it. Continue reading “Kingmaker June 28, 2017”

Kingmaker June 21, 2017


Returning to Oleg’s

Having defeated the Staglord, the party spent two days healing, inventorying the loot, destroying the zombies, and cleaning up after the battle. Continue reading “Kingmaker June 21, 2017”

Kingmaker May 24, 2017


Zombie Trap

Sneaking up the hill toward the Stag Lord’s palisade, Stormbolt was surprised to see zombies emerge from the ground about halfway up. Continue reading “Kingmaker May 24, 2017”

Kingmaker April 19, 2017


Restoring the Cleric

Following the fight with the carrion worm, the party traveled two days through familiar territory back to the bandit camp and the night passed uneventfully there. Continue reading “Kingmaker April 19, 2017”

Kingmaker April 12, 2017


The party spent a week at Oleg’s recovering, reequiping, and retraining. Stormbolt abandoned sorcery to hone his draconic abilities. Froing and Aeldred went back to the Restov to get new charters and escort the tanner back to measure for Stormbolt’s saddlebags. While there, they were assigned Lucee the Paladin to bolster the company.
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Kingmaker March 29, 2017


Pitched Battle

The Flaming Sphere to attack the second troll and then it disappeared. The wolves moved to attack it as well. Jeju bit it. Max bit hard. Reppa tried to pick up a buring stick from the fire. Oostend attacked the third troll. Piotr attacked the second troll. Stormbolt moved out of danger. Ilya ravaged the second troll. Froing healed Ilya. The second troll attacked Ilya and dropped him. The third troll overcame Oostend, who transformed back to Aeldred. Continue reading “Kingmaker March 29, 2017”

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