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Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Sturm’s Log Session 19: 4/24/2016

At the Academy

Cyra, Mena, Mindel and Uther were possessed by the spell eaters.  Jane knocked Cyra out.  William used Eidolon to restore Mena.  Mindel gouged Williams eyes.  Uther activated his shotgun and shot a destructive damage plasma shell at William.  Sturm destabilized the reality of the spell eaters and cleared the room, except the ones possessing Mindel, Cyra and Uther. The one jumped from Cyra to William.  Mena perfected Wiliam back to normal health and destroyed the spell eater.  Mindel attacked Mena.
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Uther Diary #18

Personal Log,

Something had been nagging at me for a while, and after returning to the haven area of Nexopolis from the hell-blasted ruins of a once thriving world I decided to broach the subject with the others.
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Sturm’s Log Session 18: 3/6/2016

On the Homeland

As the sunset, they came upon the radioactive beaches of the Homeland, the last surviving continent.   Mena perfected the beach so as to not be radioactive where they landed.
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Uther Diary #17

Personal Log

Sky pirates, a maximum security prison, a monster infested sea, and a mall with memories. Lady Tsian did get around. Hardly surprising, I suppose, in a lifetime which spanned more than a thousand years. Oh, and plunging to certain death in a Christmas globe, although that part wasn’t strictly speaking a part of the Last Walk; more of an incidental hazard.  
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Sturm’s Log Session 17: 2/21/2016

On Stratospheria

Falling through the floor of the back office on New Arbanes, they found themselves inside a large glass globe hanging below an enormous structure floating in the sky.  Lady Kitabu regained consciousness.  She realized that she was free and kissed Mina.  Sturm released her.  Uther presented the chest.  She put her hand on it, but nothing happened.  She said that Prince Calias had trapped her, and he had hired the Raven Legion to stop the tram.
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Uther Diary #16

Personal Log

Tsianan oshtra

That’s her name. The dead woman. The one who got us involved in this whole affair. In Gossamer Lord Politics. In possibly trying to head off another war before it happens. In attempting to discover the identity of a traitor among the Gossamer Lords themselves, if there in fact is one. In setting us up as Targets. In taking the Last Walk.   Continue reading “Uther Diary #16”

Sturm’s Log Session 16: 1/31/2016

On Shatterlight

The team paid their respects to Vala.  Uther asked if she had any advice for the chosen. Vala replied that Wayfinding would be important as the team would likely be sent on individual tasks along the journey.  Baudemagus would likely wait at Shatterlight, but would be present on Finastere when they arrived there.  She would keep Baudemagus under her protection until after the team spoke with Drake.  Vala mentioned that the Dwimmerlaik attacked the Last Walk procession the last time the journey was made. It would probably be worse this time because the war ended as a result of the last time.
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Uther Diary #15

Personal Log,

With Cyra’s help I go to visit my Uncle Cedric, surprising him as I suddenly materialize on his desk in front him. I apologize for my unorthodox means of arrival, offering my lack of an Icon of him by way of explanation. Without further ado he fixes that deficiency on my part. We then settle down a rather more orthodox conversation.  
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Sturm’s Log Session 15: 1/3/2016

On Ionius

Baudemagus stated that, if they assume that there was a traitor, and the Dwimmerlaik were involved, the inquest would cause the Lords of Gossomer would be exposed.  
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