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Mars, July 26, 2016


In the morning, they considered their options.  The pilot told them that Kallor’s beloved Rillia was not in the mine, but Craven would not allow the slavery to continue.  Niven suggested taking over the large ship to gain superiority, and then force the slavers to surrender.
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Mars, July 19, 2016

Ruhkgar leapt onto the flyer and forced the last crewman, who was the pilot, to surrender.  The pilot recognized Zak Arras and pledged allegiance to him.  Continue reading “Mars, July 19, 2016”

Mars, July 5, 2016

wyvern_of_raulingardRuhkgar attacked and defeated the two soldiers and pilot of the flyer.  Then he figured out how to land the flyer.  Kallor searched the dead crew and found two personal medkits.  He used one to heal some of Niven’s wounds.  They also recovered six radium batteries, a radium pistol, and three suits of Silkweave armor.  They gave the flirt and the wrangler some armor.  Craven examined the flyer and determined that it’s radium cell was near full power. Continue reading “Mars, July 5, 2016”

Mars May 31, 2016


The Green Men Attack

They continued on.  Shortly after mid day, as the progressed through a ravine, a group of Green man raiders charged at them mounted on war gashants.  Craven shot one off its mount and then Kallor maimed the mount.  Ruhkgar, barely functional, heroically had his war gashant kill the fallen green man.  Niven shot and wounded the next one.
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Mars May 24, 2016

Cthulhu_b3c42f_5465179The Green Raiders

Ruhkgar heard the sound of something crawling in the distance.  He raised the alarm, and the sounds moved away.  The commotion had awakened Craven.  He joined Ruhkgar at the lip of the crater and saw a green man sneaking toward them.  He shot it.  Niven was awakened and shot it as well.  Ruhkgar noticed another sneaking toward them and charged it.  Another charged him.  Ruhkgar intercepted it and killed it.  Another appeared on a hill and fired a radium rifle at him.
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Mars May 17, 2016

To the Rescue

The Sardai knew of only one radium mine in the region.  It was run by a Baltan, Lord Arkon. The mine was located within the Ashghar mountain range. From there current position, it was only a three-day journey.  The Sardai were more than willing to come with them to mind their camp while the heroes rescued their tribesmen.  The heroes agreed to go to the mine.
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Mars April 12, 2016


 Fight in the Ravine

Ruhkgar directed the captives to flee and then killed the other.   He, Niven and the archers followed shortly thereafter.  Kallor killed the last warrior that had attacked them on the top, but more were coming.  Several were climbing the path from the riverbed, more were slaughtering the approaching captives, who others had almost climbed to the top.
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Mars March 29, 2016

 Attack in the Night

In the evening, as the sun was setting and they arrived at a suitable camping spot, they discovered the bodies of four red women.  Craven determined that they had been attacked by green men.  They buried the corpses and made camp.  Again the night was quiet. Continue reading “Mars March 29, 2016”

Mars March 15, 2016

 Through the Green Wastes

They rode through the vast sandy openness of the region, known as the Green Wastes as only the green men could survive for long there, for rest of the day.  Niven noted that the “sand” was not the same as Earth sand.  It was more akin to powdered volcanic stone, but reddish in color.
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