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Kingmaker, February 21, 2018


The Ruined Keep

After the battle with the trolls, Froing used his healing spells to restore the party. The rest of the night passed uneventfully. They spent the next day and night exploring without any encounters. Continue reading “Kingmaker, February 21, 2018”


Kingmaker, February 14, 2018


Trolls mauled Stormbolt and Lucee. The paladin went down. Stormbolt used his chain lightning breath and lit up the trolls. Harli fed Lucee and Cure Light Wounds potion. Oostend cast an Evolution Surge to acquire fire attacks. K’rek challenged one of Stormbolt’s opponents and speared it with his lance. Froing channeled. Continue reading “Kingmaker, February 14, 2018”

Kingmaker, January 31, 2018


Dead Unicorn

The party explored the forest to the south for a few days. On the fourth day, the terrain turned swampy and they came upon a pond. On the opposite shore was what looked like a dead horse. Continue reading “Kingmaker, January 31, 2018”

Kingmaker, January 24, 2018


Warg Attack

A dozen wargs attacked the party unawares. One closed on Lucee but missed. Two attacked K’rek and one bit him. Oostend was also attacked by a pair of wargs and bit by one. Lucee’s kobold follower was attacked by missed. Four of the wargs attacked Stormbolt with no effect. Continue reading “Kingmaker, January 24, 2018”

Kingmaker January 17, 2018

folding boat

Back to Stormhaven

Stormbolt awoke refreshed in his gold mine home. The party had returned from their shopping trip to the city, passed through Oleg’s, and stopped for the night at the gold mine.¬†They continued on the journey and returned to Stormhaven. Continue reading “Kingmaker January 17, 2018”

Kingmaker January 3, 2018


Nixie Gratitude

Having defeated the scythe tree and returning to the dryad for their reward, the party made their way back to the nixie to restore her grove. They traveled for two days without incident before they reached the ford. They continued on and were attacked by a will-o-the-wisp, which Stormbolt defeated easily. The next day they gave the dryad’s feathers to the nixie, who promptly planted them. In gratitude, the nixie offered her assistance when needed. Then they returned to Stormhome. Continue reading “Kingmaker January 3, 2018”

Kingmaker, December 20, 2017


Crossing the River

Seeking a ford across the river to consult the dryad, Stormbolt flew and followed it north until he discovered a stretch where it could be crossed to and island, and then crossed again on the other side. However, there was a tatztlwyrm sunning itself on the island and another hiding at the opposite end of the island. He informed the others, who prepared to attack the sleeping one while he attacked the other. Continue reading “Kingmaker, December 20, 2017”

Kingmaker December 13, 2017


Interview with a Dragon

Stormbolt carried the rabble-rouser to the top of the tower in the ruined Staglord’s keep. There is entertained the fellow’s concerns, which stemmed around Stormbolt’s absence and the arrival of the werewolf. Continue reading “Kingmaker December 13, 2017”

Kingmaker December 6, 2017



After spending the light with the crazy hermit, the party proceeded east to explore more of the plains. As the previous night was the 28th day after Oostend was bitten by the werewolf in Stormhaven, and a full moon, he was probably not infected with lycanthropy.¬† Continue reading “Kingmaker December 6, 2017”

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