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Rippers: Death in Dartmoor May 3, 2016

Back in the Present

They debarked and noted that there was only one car attached to the locomotive.  Then entered through the rear door and found themselves in the sleeping car.  They searched the compartments and found some compromising photographs of a government minister in drag, but no weapon plans.  A newspaper indicated that they were back in their own time on the day that they had left Moreton-Hampstead.

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Rippers: Death in Dartmoor April 5, 2016


With their new ally in tow, the team moved on to the next car, which turned out to be the dining car, and in their own time.  Every table was full of diners.  Stone spotted Lowe, Muelhoffer and their guard seated at the table on the opposite end of the car. Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor April 5, 2016”

Rippers: Death in Dartmoor March 8, 2016

 At the Asylum

Sir Jonathan found a diary with an appointment in two day’s time for “Lady Henrietta, London, 7:30 p.m.”  In the safe, Stone found various papers and letters spelling out the plot to acquire Lord Cotterill’s latest weapon designs by any means and return them to Germany, where they will be transferred to Transylvania and handed over to the “Master of Night.” Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor March 8, 2016”

Rippers: Death in Dartmoor February 29, 2016


In the Laboratory

Stone and Trombley shot at Lowe. Lowe cast his spell again and Stone was incited to rage and attack Trombley until they were also grappled by the tentacle man. With his opponents incapacitated, Lowe ran away. The investigators fought back, repeatedly breaking free of the tentacles and getting grappled again. Ultimately they all managed to break free and shot tentacle man dead. Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor February 29, 2016”

Rippers: Death in Dartmoor February 23, 2016

 Returning to Hethercombe

The already grey, overcast day was turning even more unpleasant.  Jacobs recommended departing for the manor in order to reach it before dark.  The investigators agreed and proceeded in the coach with Jacobs driving.
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Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 19, 2016

The Current Hypothesis

The boot prints outside the study window at Hethercombe Manor that were leaving were deliberately made on top of the prints that were left on arrival. Were there two intruders? Did a barefoot intruder break in through the intact window, transform into a werewolf once inside, kill Lord Cotterill, and flee through the broken window, followed some time later by the booted intruder, who snuck in concealing footprints, entered through broken window, robbed the safe and left? Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 19, 2016”

Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 12, 2016

A Damsel in Distress

Sir Jonathan Dennis Braun of Eatin-over-Heywoods received a telegram from Lady Amelia Cotterill, asking for assistance. The telegram explained that she would be in London in two days’ time and wished to meet at the exclusive Gore Hotel, Kensington. Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 12, 2016”

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