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Lyra was a infiltrator model tech priest in our second Dark Heresy game. The character was inspired by the character of Friday, by Robert Heinlein. At least by the cover of the paperback.





Born on Explorator Flag Ship JD48S3R. Younger of twin sisters. Twin Jezail is Technographer Biologis on the Explorator Survey Ship JD8385X. Mother Hazael is Cyber-Seer Xenologis on the Malygris expedition to the Hazeroth Abyss. Father Zaddion is Malygris Skitarii commander on JD48S3R. Older brother Ishmael is a death cult assassin – location unknown.

Aptitude for comprehension and interpretation of xenos information and artifacts. Requisitioned for advanced studies in xenos lore and technology.

Cited for physical symmetry and low body mass. Allocated for infiltration and information gathering duties. Fitted with minimally conspicuous implants

Showed hypernatural interest in interpersonal interactions. Emotion suppression treatments applied but unsuccessful.

Excelled at interpersonal information gathering and infiltration in informal settings among Skitarii and other extra-priesthood personnel.

Uncovered via personal liaisons an Adeptus Mechanicus mole. Encouraged to evaluate other crew members using these methods.

Multiple disruptions of social order on board JD8385X resultant of personal liaisons with multiple ship personnel of both genders and some study specimens. Reassigned to the Explorator Scout Ship JE74245L after intervention by Cyber Seer Hazrael.

Successfully disassembled and reassembled Ork engine, providing significant insight into why Orkish vehicles function in the first place.

Evaluated for warp or pheromone enhancement following combat among the JE74245L for mating authorization. Results negative. Reassigned to independent extra-fleet infiltration and information gathering.

Wounded and captured in Dark Eldar pirate attack en route to Fenksworld.

Found deactivated by Inquisition team.

The base figure was painted to capture attention with the fluorescent yellow jumpsuit and blonde hair. The brass accents suggest her subtle augmetics. Note the brass wiring running strategically up and down her body.


Jagathai II

As Jagathai gained experience, he also gained augmetics. Particularly mechadendrites. As a result, I did a custom conversion using parts from several different kits, including the tail of a Necron wraith. The result was quite special.





Jagathai I

Jagathai was my soft-spoken adapt of the Machine God and one of my most enjoyable characters.

Raised on ND0/K4 Platum Primus to Skitarii commander parents. He was raised to follow them into the Skitarii, but drafted into the Tech-Priesthood based on intelligence and aptitude testing. Following initial training, he was assigned to support Skitarii units on minor platforms. During this tour, Jagathai showed weaponry prowess during worker riots.

During the subsequent Inquisitorial investigation of the riots, Jaghatai was assigned to assist the Inquisitor and his team. His efficiency and attitude in performing this duty impressed the Inquisitor, who requested the young Tech-Priest to be assigned to his retinue on an as needed basis





This figure is the stock Warhammer 40K tech priest mini, painted to the conventional specs most often cited. Naturally, there is a lot of silver and brass, with very pale but skin, and the traditional red cloak. Again I used the chestnut wash to achieve a dirty, worn appearance.

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